Macmillan Wales

I was part of a wider external affairs team that were tasked to deliver communications around campaigns such as World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and Time to Choose, a campaign focused on delivering a manifesto to improve cancer care in Wales around the general election.

“Emina’s approach to campaign planning is creative and interactive. Her focus on identifying and reaching key audiences and targeting organisational messages are the backbone of her approach.  She brings a freshness and enthusiasm to get the job done and has helped deliver campaign programmes which have contributed to improving the lives of people affected by cancer across Wales”.

Lowri Griffiths, Policy and Public Affairs Manager at Macmillan Cymru.

The Sustainable Studio: Crowdfunder Campaign

The task set by TSS was to raise £10k through Crowdfunder, a digital fundraising platform, in order to renovate their second floor to provide more space for creatives and host event more community driven events that connect to the arts.

We achieved the target by an integrated campaign of events, digital media and press and media coverage.

It was hard work but REALLY fun!



Made in Cardiff did a feature for their news programme.

“We had a really tight deadline for the campaign and Emina totally understood our brief and what needed to be achieved to help us reach target. She worked with loads of enthusiasm and passion and was great at keeping our energy up throughout the entire month.

We gained so much support from the local and national media and we reached so many new people thanks to her work. We couldn’t have reached the target without her”.

Sarah Valentin, co founder of The Sustainable Studio.