Passion projects

Wicked Women’s Institute


I’d gone to a women’s networking event and felt it was pitting women against each other rather than empowering them, there was mountains of prosecco and cupcakes – my reaction was ‘Fxck this’.

WWI was born in 2018 for the want of something real, breaking own taboo subjects, making women feel empowered, loved and whoever they wanted to be. I started with a podcast, made some videos and hopped on to insta to share positive and real content.

Workshops quickly followed that have brought people together using craft, conversation and a ‘fight the patriarchy’ attitude. They cover a range of topics from self love, body, empowerment and just being creative. Self Love Surgery was a workshop for Made in Roath 2018 and with Ty Seren Women’s hostel.

In 2020 I hope to make WWI a social enterprise so I’m able to support more people with the most need in the community and continue to work with amazing artists and creatives who have helped me shape WWI in to what she is today.

ps. To the guy that told me that I hated men, shove it up your chuff

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Cardiff Feminist Book Club: Committee Member

CFBC logo

CFBC was founded in 2019 by some awesome women who wanted to bring together like minded women, read feminist literature and make new friends. With a new lease of reading life after the rejoining the library I went along to my first meeting and felt I had met a tribe I could hang with.

I love being a committee member, we meet regularly to plan the meet ups, do admin, gather ideas for promotion, events and laugh over crisps and vimto squash. Without these women, my life would be poorer.

We meet around once a month and there’s a small fee so that we can pay for some promotional materials but also give back to the community. We recently donated copies of chef Jack Munroe’s ‘Tin Can Cook’ to Cardiff Foodbank to help support families.

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