Strategy and Planning

The Sustainable Studio: Business Plan

Approaching their first year in business, The Sustainable Studio wanted to properly formulate their business plan and gain some strategy and objectives. I approached this with reams of paper, felt tips, enthusiasm, a large table and good snacks.

I then produced a report which focused on their mission, vision, values, strategic objectives and goals that will be used for the next six months with regular catch ups, support and review – simple.


“Emina made us feel very relaxed during the workshop, which enabled us to to think creatively and it didn’t feel like a chore.

We’ve been able to focus more on our aims and what we can achieve in the short, mid and long term which is so useful.

Emina brings a revitalising quality to any work she does. Even strategy, which seemed so daunting, was made to be lots of fun.”

Julia Harris, co-founder of The Sustainable Studio.