About me

I began my freelance career in 2017 after spending 10 years, mainly in the charity sector, driven by a desire to make a difference to people’s lives and communities.

Becoming freelance is the best decision I’ve made in my career. I use my vast experience and networks to pursue projects and causes that I love and believe in. It’s allowed me to foster relationships with organisations I care about and help them to think about things differently in creative and exciting ways.

Just like my younger self I’m curious about people and the world around me, I like to ask questions and really get to the heart of things.

A lot of what I do involves community engagement and I love talking to people and sharing stories.

I’ve always enjoyed working with people from all walks of life.

I say what I mean, I’m not a yes person and am comfortable challenging ideas if I believe there
is a better way of doing things or a different perspective to consider. My motivation is to get the best out of people, and yes, I am an only child and a Virgo.

Whenever possible, I love to travel, read, cycle around the city, dress up in sequins, dance in my pants around the house and spend time with my cat and husband.

My current passion projects involve:


+ Host of Creative Mornings Cardiff
+ Director at Spit and Sawdust
+ Assisting local charities in public support for client donations
+ Activism for LGBTQIA+, feminism, BLM and other human rights and social justice matters


+ Trustee of WSSAG – Women Seeking Sanctuary Advocacy Group
+ 2020 Mentee on the Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales mentoring scheme
+ Founder of Wicked Women’s Institute movement – podcast, events and more