When we work together, you’ll benefit from:

+ over 15 years of brand and communications experience
+  an introduction to my wide local network to expand yours and create new collaborations
+  sound processes to ensure that you meet goals and targets to time and budget
+  creative direction and heaps of imagination and enthusiasm

Brød The Danish Bakery

PR and digital media management.

"We first approached Emina for some support with our social media efforts in the middle of 2017, and she’s proved herself to be an individual with a real passion for and knowledge of all things social. But more importantly, Emina demonstrated a much wider understanding of our marketing needs, which has allowed us to extend her brief. She has made many valuable contributions well beyond the original ‘social’ brief – and put simply, I can’t imagine how we’d coped without her now."
Chwarae Teg logo

Chwarae Teg

Digital media management, content creation and marketing

"Emina was a valuable member of the marketing team, bringing her expertise and creativity to our social media platforms to engage with key audiences. She was agile and intuitive and was able to be very self-sufficient during really busy periods of work. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Emina and would not hesitate to recommend her".

Co-production Network for Wales

Event support, case studies and video editing.

"Emina supported the planning and delivery of our national conference, bringing her enthusiasm and flair to making a busy day happen smoothly for everyone involved. She also assisted in the collection of case studies and stories of practice, and her warm and friendly manner put everyone at ease in the semi structured interviews. She's hardworking and keen to make a difference!"

Compassionate Cymru

Branding strategy, website management and workshops.


"We thoroughly enjoyed working with Emina on this challenging task of bringing together disparate understandings of Compassionate Cymru to present a coherent and useful website. We found the sessions and the ‘homework’ tasks, relevant, helpful and ultimately extremely productive in terms of finalising our website. We particularly enjoyed the way in which Emina facilitated a complex route which she made simple. She and her team of experts in the various technologies involved provided support, advice, ideas and choices which really suited the outcomes we needed. We love our new website and we’ve benefitted enormously from her patience and continuing support!"

Copa Cymru

Branding redesign project, digital media content management and event support.

"Emina was with us for a very important step for our company and without her, it would not have been possible at all! We rebranded our business completely and needed someone that would treat our business as their own and that is exactly what Emina did. She taught us so much about image, how clients look at us, the language we use and how to stay true to our values and I can't thank her enough for it as switching our focus to these things improved our business. On top of a completely professional approach to things, Emina is a great laugh to be around and always can give the team a boost when she was in. I would highly recommend her".

Coracle International

Brand Strategy

"It was a pleasure working with Emina on our brand development, she was professional, creative, and insightful. I'd strongly recommend working with her and look forward to future projects with her".

CWVYS – Council for Wales of Voluntary Youth Services

Communications and external relations support for manifesto campaign.

Dolen Cymru

Event Management and Communications Support

“We asked Emina to help support our event last minute because we needed a trusted person to help with on the day communications and logistics. She has so much experience that she just hit the ground running, used her initative and intuition and was able to just get on with it deliver what we needed without supervision or a big hand-over. She was exactly what we needed and would recommend her to anyone”

equal power equal voice logo

Equal Power Equal Voice

Mentor Project Officer

"Having Emina on the Equal Power Equal Voice project has been a pleasure and has really helped shape how we run as a programme. She brings such energy, it's hard not to feel it too. The way she approaches PR, project communications and social media, it becomes exciting to get stuck into the details of the work and get things really moving. She asks the questions we need to be asking, getting right down to the core of the brand and how we want to present, tailoring a social media strategy to fit. As a Project Officer she added so much to the team in terms of passion, insight, and raising the work of the programme. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend her".

Fair Trade Wales

Events and support coordinator – July 2019 – present. Communications strategy, branding, event management, digital media content and  management, marketing and more.

"We loved having Emina be part of the Fair Trade Wales team for two years. Being dropped in at the deep end, Emina immediately showed her adaptability, foresight and expertise in the organisation of our international conference. Since then, she has led on our communications and campaigns work with passion, strong ethics and a sense of fun. Emina's focus on values and inclusivity have helped us reach new audiences and showcase many of Fair Trade's benefits including women's empowerment, living incomes and climate justice. She has keen sense of what creates impact, and has been core in taking Fair Trade Wales through our rebrand, including style, values, tone of voice and user experience. We will be coming back for more joint working, and more book and eatery recommends!"

Hub Cymru Africa

Campaign Coordination, Event Communications and Management

“We love working with Emina! We get her in to help plan and manage campaigns, events and communications when our capacity is low or we need to make use of her particular skills and enthusiasm.
The best thing about Emina is not that she is a well-rounded, creative and seasoned voluntary sector professional with great attention to detail, although she is not just that. The best thing is that Emina gets us. She understands why we exist and what we do; so when she works with us we are confident that she will respect our ethics and culture. That means Emina always does a great job”.

Living Streets

Content creation.

"Emina brings her energy, creativity and insight to her work. When we brought her in to work with Living Streets she developed a number of resources for our Local Campaign Groups ensuring that inclusion was centred in our messaging and narrative. We could literally give her the initial shaping of what we wanted and she did the research, developed the copy and made additional amendments at key stages based on our feedback. It was such a huge help having her support during a really busy time for us, inbetween appointing new staff and managing multiple projects. Her experience and total commitment to turn thoughts and ideas into tangible results made a real difference and we were very grateful to her for hitting the ground running and being so professional in everything she did"’

Macmillan Cancer Support

PR, communications, media relations, event management, campaign assistance, social media management.

“Emina’s approach to campaign planning is creative and interactive. Her focus on identifying and reaching key audiences and targeting organisational messages are the backbone of her approach. She brings a freshness and enthusiasm to get the job done and has helped deliver campaign programmes which have contributed to improving the lives of people affected by cancer across Wales”.


Brand identity, PR and communications.

"Emina really understood our transition as a business from predominantly evening restaurant to cafe/ brunch venue and helped us keep our core brand integrity throughout while finessing our new identity. A pleasure to work with, she helped us articulate what we wanted to say about ourselves! Thank you Emina".

NUS Wales

Creative Campaign Workshop

"I couldn’t recommend Emina highly enough! We needed a check-in on creative campaigning and campaign theory as we headed into our new year planning cycle, and not only did Emina bring practical ideas and solutions, but she also reinvigorated the team and bought some much-needed energy into our planning process and approach. Emina has such an interesting and varied background, and clearly knows her stuff, but it is her energy, warmth, her ability to get the most out of people that brings an extra bit of stardust to the room".

Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services

Brand identity and social media training.

"We worked with Emina on brand identity and social media training, both areas which needed focus. The social media training needed a quick fix and Emina was able to work with our staff to arrange this. With the brand identity Emina was quickly able to understand the organisation and our ethos and provided us with useful solutions and ideas. Emina is personable and friendly while always remaining professional and made all interactions interesting in addition to being very useful".

Proper Design

Several projects including branding strategy for themselves and Endometriosis Cymru. Website update projects with The Wallich, Fair Trade Wales, WEN Wales and Stepping Stones North Wales.

"We’ve worked with Emina on a number of client projects here at Proper Design as well as working with her internally to think about our brand. Emina is passionate and driven, and brings huge energy and a sense of collaboration to everything she does. Emina has a very natural sense of how organisations can communicate effectively in a very human way. We very much look forward to finding more excuses to work with Emina again in the future".

Rival Brewing

Branding strategy and workshops.

"We greatly value the contribution that Emina made to our business. Her guidance enabled us to focus on the fundamentals of our brand, how we present ourselves to the world - who we are and what we're all about. It led to a highly successful rebrand that we are still being complimented on. On top of that, she's just a really nice person who cares passionately about her clients and is extremely easy to work with... which can't always be said for us!"

Spit & Sawdust

Organisational strategy and event marketing.

"Emina helped us gain an overview of our organisation - what we are doing well, where we could improve and how we can develop. We now have a plan for the future and are better positioned to make the most of opportunities. She was very friendly and professional and lead the discussion creatively".

Stepping Stones North Wales

Digital media management and project management of new website.

"Emina has made a huge difference to our social media presence, she created and updated our twitter, Facebook and linked in profiles. Emina also was instrumental in supporting, creating and providing content for our newly developed website. Her professionalism and artistic prowess has made a huge difference to our charity and as she has demonstrated a good sound knowledge of our organisation and marketed us accordingly ensuring that we are able to reaching prospective vulnerable clients and existing clients and professional referrers and pitching content at the correct level with care and compassion. I would highly recommend Emina for her foresight, honesty and integrity".

The Printhaus

Digital media management and brand strategy.

"We needed help with getting our ‘brand’ out there and that's where Emina came into the picture, going back to 2017. With our focus being on the printing, courses and looking after our members we really didn’t have the time or skills to develop an online presence. Without a doubt, one of the best decisions we made as a small and developing business, was employing the services of Emina. She’s got this amazing ability to connect the dots between her extensive network and goes above and beyond. Really fun to work with".

The Sustainable Studio

PR, communications, digital media management, event management and studio management.

"Emina made us feel very relaxed during the strategy workshop, which enabled us to to think creatively and it didn’t feel like a chore. We’ve been able to focus more on our aims and what we can achieve in the short, mid and long term which is so useful. Emina brings a revitalising quality to any work she does. Even strategy, which seemed so daunting, was made to be lots of fun".

The Wallich

PR, communications, media relations, community engagement, event management, strategy and project development.

“Emina is brilliant at finding and telling the stories that really matter and can capture the essence of any organisation. The press releases and articles she wrote engaged our charity with wider audiences and brought us closer to local communities and the Welsh public alike, raising our profile and strengthening our brand. Emina has a natural rapport with people and is able to get the best out of them, whether that’s talking to a client about their life experience or contributing her media relations knowledge to staff”.

Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Research and sourcing contacts for campaign

Wales Cancer Alliance

Rebranding project management and digital media management.

“Emina has brought a transformational energy to our rebrand and new website. Supporting us to overhaul our digital platform by bringing people together, generating ideas and making things super simple to understand. Emina’s ability to bring together the right team of graphic designers, web developer and experts to make our rebrand flow has just been brilliant.”

Wales Centre for International Affairs (WCIA)

Communications planning and digital media content creation – content creation and communication focus for a digital campaign.

“Emina was fantastic – we had a tight timetable for a piece of work and she was able to deliver impactful communications work on time in a way that suited our team members, systems and ways of working – thanks Emina!”

WEN Wales

Digital media content management, website project delivery and event support.

"Emina worked with us on our social media and communications and revamped our website. She was an absolute pleasure to work with – reliable, upbeat, innovative - and she has a fantastic network too. I would definitely recommend working with her!"