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10 things I love about you

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My friend told me a story about an acquaintance sending a list to someone during an argument entitled ’10 things I hate about you’.

illustration of heath ledger

Three things came to mind,  I was reminded of the incredible film of the same name with Heath Ledger in it (he went too soon), how horrible it would be to receive that letter, and on what planet do you do that? Even if you thought it, don’t send it. Words as weapons alert.

It stuck with me the entire day and I decided to flip it and sent her a ’10 things I love about you’ text and realised it was not only a lovely process, recalling memories and really thinking about that person, but it’s a nice thing to do. She was chuffed and said it made her day.

Similarly, to my blog about the Power of Testimonial, it’s a reminder to be nice to others, find the good and I actually think it’s good to do with yourself so in the name of self esteem boosts I’m going to have a go and try not to cringe throughout the entire process.

I could write 100 things I hate about myself but why be that negative? Here we go:

  1. I am loyal to the bitter end, if you’re in my pack I will lioness for you
  2. My hair – thanks to Slunks, I’m living my dream as the flame emoji/ budget Ginger Spice
  3. I say hello to animals alot, cats on the road, dogs in the park, they all get a hello
  4. Dancing, I dance for joy, in my pants at home, in the club (ha ha ha rarely) in the street, it makes me feel good so I do it
  5. I care, a blessing and a curse for me but I do, deeply, passionately and honestly
  6. Laughing – I like cackling and giggling in equal measure and do it alot
  7. Photos are a thing for me – my friends and family groan but I take a lot of photos and yeh I Instagram them…
  8. I swim upstream, I rarely do something I really don’t want to, time is important and I try and do things that make me happy
  9. Admitting my faults – It takes bravery and strength to really look at yourself and recognise the crappier bits and I do that and am willing to work on them
  10. I am different, this is the hardest thing to love about myself but I do
Awesome illustration by The Meekshall

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