embroidered circle saying just fucking do it

2018 in review

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I promised myself this would be a year of JFDI or Just fucking do it and it didn’t disappoint.

embroidered circle saying just fucking do it

I got married to a wonderful human.

I launched my passion project Wicked Women’s Institute: recorded four podcasts, did an event in Made in Roath and Ty Seren a women’s hostel. A ‘Stitch, tits and clits’ workshop with fab Twin Made, tee printing with Printhaus. I wrote three poems and recorded videos to accompany them.

I got my first tattoo, then got another one.

Became a cyclist.

Worked on my first re-brand project.

Was part of a video with an incredible band for a bloody good song.

Tried professional baking.

Got rainbow hair.

Booked a trip to Japan for 2019.

Bought a mooncup.

2019, what have you got for me?

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