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Dear Beyoncé: a brand love letter

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Dear Beyoncé,

I’d like to thank you for having an amazing brand. There are a million things to thank you for – hair, voice, thighs, attitude, dancing, bum – but I am focusing on brand.

drawing of a glass of lemonade

Your brand appears to be tightly controlled, and I doubt you ever do anything that hasn’t been extremely thought out, planned and scheduled within an inch of it’s life BUT you make it look like it isn’t, which is extraordinary.

Even when your brand is under threat, the elevator debacle, Jay-Z cheating (idiot) and Ivy Park under scrutiny, you twist it and make it your own. BAM. The Lemonade album tore open the cheating scandal and was the highest selling global album in 2016 and that’s no accident or fluke.

I normally preach about brand consistency but in your case you continually push boundaries, change direction and surprise people – we could learn a lot from that.


Your Instagram is my inspiration and is insanely good, and inspiring and good. Your use of collages, mixed media and the layout app is outstanding.

You also mix personal and business without ever giving too much away but give us 110 million mere mortals a glimpse into your seemingly ‘perfect’ life.

You inspired me to make these Instagram shorts in 2017 featuring my alter ego, ‘The Majorette’, (take that Sasha Fierce).  I wanted to use new techniques and put myself out there because I felt fearless watching what you do.

RED_BATON from Emina Redzepovic on Vimeo.

Thanks to you, I’ve bought rollerskates and want to do a video but I’m accident prone and once dislocated my ankle on a street trampoline in Copenhagen, that was rough I can tell you love.

Please don’t ever stop surprising us with your brand directions, style and revamps.

Bum appreciation

B, you’re a guiding light, shining example of how to boss brand and my god you’ve got a great bum.

Thank you, and I do love you like she loves you.

Emina x

Awesome illustration by The Meekshall.

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