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Happy 2nd freelance birthday to me

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Goodness me, here I am, a second year of freelance under my belt.

After my first year I was absolutely landed I hadn’t yet had to eat out of a bin and it’s pretty much still the same. The three second rule is now more like three minutes but no bin scavenging.

emina looking happy

Things to be grateful for:

I am successful

There are times I don’t feel like it AT ALL, I berate myself for ‘not working hard enough’ or ‘not doing well enough’. It’s rubbish, I’m here, freelance with clients I’ve retained and new ones to boot. I am happy and grateful to be recognised for my work and experience.

My daily rate

Last year I finally started to get my daily rate and that feels like a huge win for me. Money doesn’t necessarily equate happiness or success but I feel valued and respected. Also it feels weird writing about money but we have to, it’s important!


They are a god send, I’ve chosen to not work a 9-5 so that means I dictate my own hours and if I want to nap at 3pm, I bloody will. Also great for if you’re too tight to put the heating on in the day in Winter.

My cat as a PA

Sometimes annoying, but the majority of time calm inducing and super cute. Her hair is all over my laptop but I’m glad for the cwtches, leans and distractions when I need time away from the screen. George, you complete me.

Supportive people

I have people in my life that support me in so many ways and none more so than other freelancers who just get it. When I freak out, need advice or just a friendly ear I have people to draw on. Lucky me


It’s a precious commodity. Sometimes I sit in the library to work, I go to the gym in the day which gives me invigoration and clarity and other times I zoom across Cardiff on Penelope (my bike) for meetings, events and more.


I trust my gut more, am not afraid to say no, argue my corner and value myself. This has come with experience and I still have a long way to go but I’m proud of me.

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