Happy 6th Freelance Birthday To Me!

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I am so proud of myself, six years of freelance completed.

I’ve decided to tackle the failure aspect of freelance because we are more likely to share our successes than our failure and that is bullshit (LinkedIn you have a lot to answer for).

How to Fail

  1. When you face rejection it is absolutely ok to be sad about it, toxic positivity is equally, not ok.
  2. A ‘no’ opens you up to other things, it’s just a fact.
  3. You may have dodged a bullet, some of the projects that you are most excited about end up being a nightmare.
  4. Failure brings experience and that is invaluable. You learn more from the bad than the good.
  5. Only you can determine what failure is, and even then you are likely to be judgemental and critical of yourself. Be kind to yourself, please.

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