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Who is your audience?

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The eternal question, a hugely important one and it can seem so overwhelming.

So, if I asked you, would you know?*

*Clue: The answer is never ‘everyone’.

Every day we are bombarded with new information, products, services and offers and how do we decide what is relevant? What attracts our attention?

People respond to different things based on their age, location, habits and interests so trying to please ‘everyone’ is never going to work.

Ever noticed that the sponsored ads on a website or social media channels are based on what you like? That’s because marketing budgets have been focused on finding about you and your habits… scary but effective.


Sounds like a tasty tapas dish but isn’t.

Personas help you create a ‘person’ to reflect a target audience group so you can understand who they are.

Things to consider when creating a persona:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Hobbies/Habits
  • How they consume news/information

For example, if you are trying to reach 18 -25 year olds then spending time on a Facebook sponsored post or a printed flyer is unlikely to yield results… why? They don’t consume information that way, it’s not part of their daily routine.

Once you build a picture of who a group of people are you can focus your brand and channel it in to promotion and marketing, saving you time and money.

I can help

This can seem a huge task but as part of my services I can help you do this.

Together we can look at who you need to target and how to engage them to achieve the best results for your organisation and business.

Just get in touch, we can tackle the world of audience and personas together.

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