5 years freelance? Completed it mate

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It’s my fifth freelance birthday and each year I am always surprised that I surpass each year – hooray!

I have learnt so much in the last five years, not only about myself but new skills, experiences and met some incredibly brilliant people and organisations. There have been tears, tantrums, tests and other things beginning with t.

If it feels wrong, get out if you can

I believe we all go into things with the best intentions and hope but sometimes these things don’t work. If you have taken something on and it isn’t quite what you expected or you aren’t getting what you need from the client then if you can, get out. Being freelance gives you license and agency to have more freedom and as long as you are open and honest then you are not tied (also check your contract).

Pass it on

If you are offered a project that you can’t do because you have no time or believe it would be better suited to someone else, pass it on. You’d better believe that karma will thank you back and it’s a kind and generous thing to do. At the beginning of my freelance career I’m not afraid to admit I was a bit ‘my precious’ about projects that came my way but luckily I just don’t see things that way anymore.

Compare and DON’T despair

Compare and despair is one of my unique talents and I absolutely look at other freelancers and get jealous or think they are better than me but that is bollocks. YOU are good enough, and it’s natural to compare but honestly, try not to. What someone else does or has might not be at all what you want or need when you look more closely.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘I’m looking for work’

Being busy is not an Olympic sport and we should never get our worth from that feeling of ‘busy’ but that is the culture we live in. If you don’t tell people that you are looking for work you will miss out on all sorts of opportunities and connections, it’s never shameful or embarrassing to do so. If anyone ever makes you feel like this, bin them immediately.

Take a break

Brain saturation doesn’t serve you or the client – burnout is utterly horrible (take it from someone who is fantastic at it). Need to swim, run, eat, shop, cycle or lift weights? Do it, you won’t regret the time you take for yourself. You cannot be your best creative, efficient and resourceful self if you are like a piece of ham left out in the sun for ten hours.

I look forward to seeing you next year – you can see my feelings on year one, two, three and four if you are bored.



  1. ‘ Compare and don’t despair’ a great philosophy, I’ll be reminding myself of this. Loved this, thanks you! Happy 5th freelance birthday friend xxx

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